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School Nurse
     The role of the School Nurse is to eliminate and/or minimize health/medical barriers to education. This is done through assessment, treatment, evaluation and keeping students in school, in class and ready to learn.
Just as teachers use assessments to determine how a student is progressing, nurses use “Assessments” to evaluate a stu- dent’s health assessing for fever, blood pressure, blood sugar, vision, hearing, emergencies, injury, mental health, medication reaction etc. These assessments are what nurses use daily to make clinical decisions about whether a student stays in school, goes home with a parent and/or is transported 911.
     School nurses are instrumental in the identification and referral to community resources for health risks and are often the only health professional that sees students on a regular basis. School nurses influence attendance by helping to identify health issues causing absenteeism and developing interventions that allow a student to be able to attend school, which influences achievement and graduation rates. Promoting wellness and injury prevention through health education for students is just one way school nurses are an essential arm of public health.
      School Nurses work collaborative with all school staff and parents to help support the students needs at school and provide a safe healthy environment to learn. School nurses are crucial to children’s mental health. School nursing services allow faculty and school leaders to teach and lead.
Department Announcements
Free Dental Care Saturday March 19th
Check out the flyer located in the folder entitled Financial resources to learn about how to obtain free dental care for your child under the age of 21.. There is no income requirement and all you need to do is call the number and make an appointment time. The date of the clinic is March 19th.
Free Dental Care Day
Saturday, February 6th, Potomac Pediatric Denistry is offering free cleaning and exam, and if needed extraction or filling of one tooth from 8-12. No appointment is necessary but pre-registration would be greatly appreciated. For more details see flyer free dental day in the folder financial resources below.
Sibshop on February 1st
The Arc of Greater Prince WIlliam is again having the Sibshops for kids age 8-11 on Feb. 1st. This is a great place for siblings of children with a disability to have fun and support at the same time. Details and registration form can be found in the folder marked support groups.
Abilities Expo
The DC expo on December 4-6 at the Dulles Expo Center is an event that is packed full of many resources and ideas for people with disabilities. There are exhibitions from various vendors to show examples of what is available to help people with disabilities. These range from the latest technology, to service animals to exercise programs. Check out the website to find out more information about the event as well as the schedule of events that might be of interest to your family.
Support Groups
NAMI Family Support Group has started a new support group free to all focusing on family and friends of persons 26 years and younger. They will be meeting the third Sunday at 4pm at Sentra Hospital.

Another support group is Sibshops for siblings of special needs children. Here they can come and celebrate the joys and challenges of having a sibling with special needs. The cost is low at five dollars and offered three times a year on teachers workdays.

Both support group flyers can be found in the folder entitled Support groups at the end of this page.
School Year 2015-2016 Welcome
I hope all had a very restful healthy summer and ready to have a great school year. As we start the new school year please remember to let me know of any new health changes with your child or any concerns you may have about how their health and safety will be maintained at school. If you are new to our school, Welcome and feel free to call me anytime with a question or concern about your childs health needs at school. During the first 60 days of school all students grade 3, 7 and 10 will be screened for vision and hearing as required by the state. I will notify you if the screenings show they may need to have further follow up. I look forward to working with everyone to help provide a safe and healthy environment for your child so they can excel in their educational pursuits.
Health Department with appointments
Prince Williams Health Department now requires an appointment to obtain immunizations and physicals. In the folder below labeled immunizations and physicals you can find the phone number, date , address of the health department to call and make an appointment. It is suggested to call early as the clinics fill up quickly the closer to the start of the school year.
Fresh Air is Healthy
Did you know it can be healthy to go outside in the cold weather? Check out the folder weather safety to learn why playing outside can help stop the spread of germs and safety precautions to take when outside.
Sept. 30th National PrepareAthon Day
September 30th is National PrepareAthon Day! You can take part by being being smart and learning how to prepare for any disaster. Check out the folder Disaster Prepardness to learn about many the different ways you can stay safe in a many different types of disaster.
End of the Year Reminders
 I can not believe another year will soon be over. Here are few important reminders are the year winds down.

1.An adult must pick up all medications by the last day of school or they will be disposed of according to PWC Regulation 754.4. Students are not allowed to carry home any medication unless it has been a self carry medication used during the school year.

2. Health forms that were utilized during the present school year are good until the last day of summer school. 

3. If your student utilized a health form this year, new forms were sent home this week for completion for the upcoming school year. All forms must be completed and signed by the parent before a procedure or medication can be adminstered at school. Students can not attend school until all signatures are obtained. Some forms have changed since last year. If you have any questions please give me a call. Also, if you need a form they can always be found on the pwcs webpage under the regulation, student services home page as well as on my fusion page below.

4. Effective July 1. 2014 a booster dose of tetanus,diptheria, pertussis(Tdap) vaccine is required for all children entering the sixth grade. Once obtained please provdie proof of the immunization to the school. This is a state requirement and without proof of the immunization your student can not attend school until obtained.

If you have any concerns or question on your childs health needs at school please give me a call and I will be glad to assist so that we can provie the safest healthy environment for your child. 

Hope everyone has a great safe healthy summer vacation. 

Health Insurance assistance
 Do you need help finding insurance for your child? Flyers are going home so that you can seek assistance in finding insurance. The flyers may also be accessed below in the folder titled Health Insurance Information. If you have any questions please feel free to call the school and I will be happy to assist.
November is National Diabetes Month
Do you have diabetes,or know someone who does? Probably, There are approximately  26 million people with diabetes and 79 million at risk of developing diabetes. For more information and how you can help, Check out the diabetes folder and health information website links.
Vision, Hearing and Scoliosis Information

Vision and Hearing screenings are required by VA. Code 22.1-273 for all new students to PWCS schools and for students in grades K, 3, 7, and 10. These screenings will be conducted by the school nurses within 60 days of starting school. When appropriate, referrals for follow up with private health care provider will be sent home. School nurses may also check vision and hearing when requested by educators, parents, or students. If you have updated information about the vision or hearing of your student from your health care provider, please call the school nurse or send a copy of the report. Parents may also exclude students from a specific screening with a written notification to the school nurse.
SCOLIOSIS FACTS FOR PARENTS (Fact sheet at bottom of fusion page)
In accordance with Virginia State law, parents of students in grades five through ten will receive this yearly information sheet containing important facts about Scoliosis and Scoliosis screening.
Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature or turning of the spine. It affects 2-3% of the population or an estimated 600,000 people in the United States. If left untreated, scoliosis can progress to a serious problem, causing back pain and degenerative arthritis of the spine. It may lead to disk disease or sciatica. It can also threaten the psychological well-being of a young adult when there is an obvious deformity.
Although scoliosis may result from an injury, a birth defect, or a crippling disease, 90% of cases are from unknown causes. It may run in families and affects girls seven times more often than boys. It most frequently develops during the growth spurt between ages 10 and 15, but can also develop or progress later in life. Early detection and intervention may prevent further structural deformity and resulting secondary problems.
Scoliosis screening is an observation of the student’s spine while standing as well as performing a forward bend. A scoliometer, a device for measuring the amount of abnormal curvature in the spine, may also be used during screening. Treatment of scoliosis varies between no treatments needed, bracing of the spine, to spinal fusion surgery.
Since the development of scoliosis is gradual and usually painless, scoliosis may develop without the parent or child being aware. It is important for parents to monitor their child’s development during these growing years and to have students checked by the family physician routinely. The signs of scoliosis may include uneven shoulders, a shoulder blade that appears more prominent than the other, uneven waistline creases, one hip higher than the other, and/or a leaning to one side.
If you have concerns about your child’s spinal health, contact your family health care provider or school nurse for follow up. If you do not have a primary care physician, with your written permission, the school nurse can provide an initial screening. Should further evaluation be necessary she can direct you to other health care resources.

Physical Activity Safety
 Does your son or daughter love to play sports to stay active? Injuries can be reduced if proper equipment is used when playing differnt sports. Look at the folder below titled Helmet Safety for Sports. It has different information on helmet safety for many different sports kids love to play. Exercise by playing sports is a great way to stay healthy and prevent obesity.
May Is Asthma Awareness Month
 Did you know that more than 26 million people have asthma in the United States? Seven million children have asthma and this chronic condition is one of leading causes for school absences. To learn more about Asthma and how to live and take care of your asthma check out the folder below entiled Asthma Education and Resources. You can find information ranging from what Asthma is, to causes,  and treatments and much more. 
April is Alcohol Awareness Month
 Alcohol effects everyone. It effects indivudals and their families. Alcoholism is a chronic disease caused by the addiction to alcohol. But you do not have to be the one addicted for alcoholism to effect you. Alcohol can also cause crime and automobile accidents that can effect not only the person drinking but anyone in society. To find out more about alcohol and its effect check out the folder below alcohol and drug information. More info can be found at If you feel you have a problem with alcohol or wonder if you do check out the website for more information. Its never too late to get help for yourself or someone you know.
February is National Dental Health Month
 Check out the websites listed under Dental. There is information on first aid for your teeth and how to care for them so they last a life time. For children there are many different games to help them learn about the care of their teeth.
What illnesses are going around?
 Check the link below entitled School Health Watch to stay informed about any illnesses that are going around in area school. To help keep the illnesses from spreading remember to practice good handwashing and stay home when ill.
Is it the flu? cold? or allergies?
The best way to know if you have the flu,cold or allergies is to visit your physican. Do you want to know how the symptoms differ between these illness? Check out the folder "Flu" to learn about the differences between the flu, cold and allergies and ways to prevent and treat each one. Flu seasonis among us and if you have not received the flu vaccine yet its not too late. Remember handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs.
Holiday Safety Tip
The Prince William County Fire and Rescue has issued a series of announcements to help county citizens stay safe during the winter and holiday season. See “Christmas Tree Fires More Deadly Than Typical Home Fires” and “Cool Weather & Safe Heating Alternatives” and other messages for details. Read more here.
Flu Season Has Arrived- Take Precautions
Acetaminophen Changes
 Did you know that acetaminophen can be found in over 600 different medications. The type of medications that commonly have acetaminophen are pain relievers, fever reducers, sleep aids and many cold, flu or allergy medications.Acetaminophen medication is a safe medication when used as directed but can be very dangerous is overdosed. Check out the folder below acetaminophen information for fact sheets about how the dosing of acetaminophen is changing to make it safer. Always take time to read the label looking for acetaminophen as an ingredient in the medications you are taking. How to read a label as well as a list of common medications containing acetaminophen can be found at the webiste know your dose. Click here for more information.

School Bus Safety Week
October15-19 is school bus safety week. Check out the handout about school bus safety  in the folder named bus safety. 
Protect your vision
 Will you be trick or treating in October? or Do you play sports? Do you wear cosmetics? Have you ever thought about trying cosmetic contacts? Check out the folder entitled eye safety for facts about how to care for your vision.
National School BackPack Awareness Day
 Sept 19, 2012 is National School BackPack Aareness Day. Each year the third Wednesday in Septemeber is set aside to bring attention on how to prevent neck and back injuries due to backpacks. Check out the folder entitled  School BackPack  Awareness for helpful hints on how to use backpacks, purses, briefcases and luggage properly.
Beware of Tick Borne Lyme Disease

 Lyme disease is in the area. Click here for more information.

Product Recall Information
McNeil Consumer Healthcare has established the McNeil Product Recall website to find up-to-date information on medication recalls. This website is provided to parents, students, and others as an information source only.        
Important Information on H1N1
Guidance to Parents on H1N1 play online video
Guidance to Educators on H1N1 play online video 
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